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London City

Discover London with a born and bred Londoner


Virtual Tours

Like many during these difficult Covid times, London Blue Badge Tourist Guides have seen their businesses decimated. Rather than sitting at home polishing up our shiny badges, waiting for visitors who were never going to arrive, we decided to bring London and the UK to the world by way of online Virtual Tours.


They took off almost immediately and once people got over their initial fear of Zoom, they soon saw that an online virtual tour experience not only offered them a chance to see friends and family but also the chance to experience the endless possibilities that a Virtual Tour could offer. Whilst we don’t expect a virtual tour can replace the real thing, we can show you close up details of buildings and works of art that the human eye could never see in the real world.

I currently offer the following Virtual Tours:-

The Old East End - Part 1

*The New East End - Part 2


*The Story of the London Docks - From Boats to Banking 

*The Story of Mayfair

*Soho - 350 years of sex, drugs and communism 

 *Marvellous Marylebone - A village in the City. 

*Royal London 

*Dear Boss - The London of Jack the Ripper 

*Secrets of the City

*The story of the Olympic Park

*The Unknown East End

*The Graffiti and Street Art of Spitalfields and Shoreditch 

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